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Plate Steel Trapezoid Cutting Machine

This machine is made of 1)sheet feeding table 2)sheet positioning binder walking motion device 3)sheet round disc slitters 4)sheet discharging worktable 5) hydraulic system 6)electrical centralized control table


Equipment parts structures description

1.sheet feeding table

1)This device has one group of feeding rolling frame, drive sheets walking on the frame freely, cross traverse was positioning by walking frame backer. This positioning has 3 point, can be adjusted by manual before shearing.

2.sheet positioning binder and waling motion device

This device has hydraulic pump station, waling press frame, plate positioning rollers, one group of press cylinder and walking motion device. After positioning of sheet, start press button and press the sheets, then running feeding button, the press frame will be move on the motion rails. It can shear trapezoid sheets without marking. Shear efficiency with high-precision stable, it is the preferred economic shear equipment of light pole manufacturing.

3.sheet metal disc slitting machine

This device has round blades, blades axis drive the device and quick adjustable blades device and so on. After starting sheets positioning and pressing walking device, sheets will enter into round disc blades, forming one time. With quick speed and nice shearing.

4.sheet material worktable

This device has materials rack. When working, shearing sheets will drop onto the table and drop the sheets onto the both sides of worktable, then transfer to the next processing.

5.hydraulic system

This system has two groups of hydraulic pump stations. Control press cylinders of walking and pressing device, lifting table lifting cylinders. Finish each motion.

6.electrical centralized control working

1) electric has three phase ac,380v.common electric control. All the action button will centralized on one button panel. Achieve each groups motion. Relay control parts all adopt domestic Schneider company, the machine has two types, manual control and automatic control. Manual control will be controlled shearing by foot switch of man ,adjust the position of sheets and shearing processing. It is no need to enter into dangerous area by man.


1max.shear length14000mm
2min.shear length5000mm
3max.shear material thickness3~12mm
4max.shear width4000mm
5small head shear width180mm
6sgear tensile strengthq235-a ≤450n/mm²
7walking press device running speed250mm/s
8shear straightness≤2mm/m
9shear camber error≤1mm/m
10rolling scissors unit motormodely132s-42*5.5kw
11leading and feeding device motormodelyct225-4a11kw
12oil pump motormodely132m-47.5kw
13feeding and leading motormodely100l2-43kw
14oil pumpmodel25mcy14-1b25ml/r
15gear pumpmodelcb-25b25ml/r
16system max.pressure20mpa
17machine sizel33000mm
18machine weight31000kg

Plate Steel Trapezoid Cutting Machine

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